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The homeopathic remedy Staphysagria is a wonderful remedy for emotional health. Staphisagria is prepared from the seeds of the plant, and suits those who are mild, submissive and suppress their emotions. Staphysagria is helpful for emotional recovery from traumatic events and can be used to help post traumatic stress disorders, PTSD, anxiety, depression, suppressed anger.

Staphisagria is also one of the best remedies for incised wounds (wounds with straight, clean edges). It stimulates healing and relieves pain, even in old scars of incised wounds.

Staphysagria helps with physical symptoms with an affinity for the teeth, skin and eyes, and can be used externally to relieve eyelid inflammation and sties. It is also often listed for help in recurring head lice.

Staphysagria is commonly used for:

Emotional Health:

Staphysagria is considered very effective for the treatment of symptoms related to emotional health, especially following a traumatic event. Anything from anxiety to stress and depression is thought to have been alleviated by the use of this homeopathic remedy.

Joint Pain:

This is often the type of joint pain that shows up as bruised, sore, immobile, or weakened limbs. A neurological pain such as that which presents itself in the right shoulder, for example, may be commonly associated with this type of condition. However this pain presents itself, turning to staphysagria as a homeopathic remedy may be quite helpful.

Skin Conditions:

There are a variety of different skin conditions that one may suffer from, but in this instance they are pretty distinct in their appearance. The skin is easily infected and tends to be very slow to heal. It generally looks unhealthy and may be accompanied by scars or frequent cuts. These are all common conditions for which somebody would look to staphysagria as a homeopathic remedy.


This particular type of headache is where the individual feels as though a heavy object is sitting on top of their head. The headache may be accompanied by a numbing sensation, and there is often dizziness that increases when the individual lies down.


In this instance, the individual may have great difficulty falling to sleep. They may feel that as tired as they are, they just can’t fall asleep. When this type of chronic insomnia is present, staphysagria may work wonders as a homeopathic remedy to help the individual fall into a deep type of sleep that is necessary for the body to function properly.


This is a rather extreme type of toothache that may very well be caused by decay or excessive plaque that has formed in the mouth. With this toothache, and the related symptoms, the individual may feel as though the pain is worse when it is touched. If these symptoms sound familiar, then staphysagria may be recommended as a homeopathic remedy.

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Staphysagria’s Personality Profile:

Though they may seem mild on the surface, these people tend to have deeply rooted emotions. They harbor rage for a variety of reasons, though the outside world may not see that surface often. They tend to be very sensitive to insults and any type of rude behavior. They have a deep fear of losing control and therefore try to maintain it at all times. They may wreak of rotten eggs, as this smell may filter out from their stools and even sweat. Confrontation is difficult but when they do become angry they are likely to tremble, choke on swallowing, stammer, or throw things. Someone in a Staphisagria state feels worse after an afternoon nap, is prone to sexual fantasies, cystitis and styes.

Staphysagria’s Materia Medica:

Mind: Impetuous, violent outbursts of passion, hypochondriacal, sad. Very sensitive as to what others say about her. Dwells on sexual matters; prefers solitude. Peevish. Child cries for many things, and refuses them when offered.

Head: Stupefying headache; passes off with yawning. Brain feels squeezed. Sensation of a ball of lead in forehead. Itching eruption above and behind ears (Oleand).

Eyes: Heat in eyeballs, dims spectacles. Recurrent styes. Chalazæ (Platanus). Eyes sunken, with blue rings. Margin of lids itch. Affections of angles of eye, particularly the inner. Lacerated or incised wounds of cornea. Bursting pain in eyeballs of syphilitic iritis.

Throat: Stitches flying to the ear on swallowing, especially left.

Mouth: Toothache during menses. Teeth black and crumbling. Salivation, spongy gums, bleed easily (Merc; Kreos). Submaxillary glands swollen. After eating feels sleepy pyorrhea (Plantago)

Stomach: Flabby and weak. Desire for stimulants. Stomach feels relaxed. Craving for tobacco. Canine hunger, even when stomach is full. Nausea after abdominal operations.

Abdomen: Colic after anger. Hot flatus. Swollen abdomen in children, with much flatus. Colic, with pelvic tenesmus. Severe pain following an abdominal operation. Incarcerated flatus. Diarrhœa after drinking cold water, with tenesmus. Constipation (2 drops tincture night and morning), hæmorrhoids, with enlarged prostate.

Male: Especially after self-abuse; persistent dwelling on sexual subjects. Spermatorrhœa, with sunken features; guilty look; emissions, with backache and weakness and sexual neurasthenia. Dyspnœa after coition.

Female: Parts very sensitive, worse sitting down (Berb; Kreos). Irritable bladder in young married women. Leucorrhœa. Prolapsus, with sinking in the abdomen; aching around the hips.

Urinary: Cystocele (locally and internally). Cystitis in lying-in patients. Ineffectual urging to urinate in newly married women. Pressure upon bladder; feels as if it did not empty. Sensation as if a drop of urine were rolling continuously along the channel. Burning in urethra during micturition. Prostatic troubles; frequent urination, burning in urethra when not urinating (Thuja; Sabal; Ferr pic). Urging and pain after urinating. Pain after lithotomy.

Skin: Eczema of head, ears, face, and body; thick scabs, dry, and itch violently; scratching changes location of itching. Fig-warts pedunculated (Thuja). Arthritic nodes. Inflammation of phalanges. Night-sweats.

Extremities: Muscles, especially of calves, feel bruised. Backache; worse in morning before rising. Extremities feel beaten and painful. Joints stiff. Crural neuralgia. Dull aching of nates extending to hip-joint and small of back.

Modalities: Worse, anger, indignation, grief, mortification, loss of fluids, onanism, sexual excesses, tobacco; least touch on affected parts. Better, after breakfast, warmth, rest at night.


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  1. Can you tell me what the counterindications and possible medical interactions for this remedy are?

  2. Homeopathic remedies do not have “contraindications” per say nor do they interact with other medications in the manner in which drugs, botanicals or supplements may. Homeopathic remedies > 12 C contain no molecular material and lower potency remedies contain minimal amounts of molecular material; generally insufficient amounts to cause a biochemical interaction with another substance. Medical interactions are based on chemical reactions between molecules or due to the effects of medications on the metabolism of other medications; i.e. breakdown, half-life, etc. These pharmacological (pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic) rules do not generally apply to homeopathic medications. Any interaction would be “energetic” and not biochemical and there is little to no evidence showing that adverse interactions exist between homeopathic remedies and other medications or substances. Some original texts on homeopathy postulate that certain remedies may compliment or work antagonistically against other remedies. This is based on the clinical observations of early practitioners of homeopathy and has never been proven through controlled scientific studies. Homeopaths may follow the clinical observations of earlier practitioners with regards to the speculative interactions between different remedies. Bottom line; you do not need to worry to much about contraindications or medical interactions with Homeopathic remedies.

  3. It seems Staphysagria remedy suits me almost to a T for a constitutional remedy except it doesn’t mention anything about intolerances and allergies. I have multiple food allergies from leaky gut condition, would this remedy help in this area?

    Thank you,

  4. Hi,

    I would like to know if there is any adverse reaction with medication seroxat and zyprexa that the doctor prescribed and most important when I quit staphysagria are there withdrawal symptoms?

    Thank you,

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