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Common Complaints you can treat with Homeopathy

Please remember, to prescribe accurately and effectively, it is important to read the information about the remedy in the remedies section before making your selection.

If we have not yet added the information about each remedy to this website, we suggest you research the remedy before using.

As always, it is best to consult your homeopath or doctor before using any remedies. If symptoms persist, please see your practitioner.



Also see Broken Bones, Fractures, Injuries & Wounds.

  • Give immediately, Arnica 30c.
  • Where there is shock or swelling alternate Arnica 30c with any
    other indicated remedies, repeating as often as necessary.



Bites & Stings

Also see Sepsis

  • Red, hot, swollen, better cold applications, Apis 30c.
  • Animal bites, with shooting nerve pain, Hypericum 30c.
  • Blue, cold, puffy, better cold applications, Ledum 30c.
  • Bluish around bite, Lachesis 30c.
  • Very painful, worse touch, Staphisagria 30c.

Blood Blisters


Breast Feeding Difficulties

  • Hard, engorged, hot, red, Belladonna 30c.
  • Baby vomits / has colic after breast milk, Silica 30c.
  • Hard, engorged, hot, pale, worse movement, Bryonia 30c.
  • Abscess with smelly, corrosive pus, Merc Viv 30c.
  • Too much milk, Pulsatilla 30c.
  • Sharp pains in left breast during feeding, Silica 30c.
  • Abscess which is very slow to heal, Silica 30c.
  • If abscess with pus, extremely painful, Hepar Sulph 30c.
  • If milk production varies greatly, Urtica Urens 30c.
  • If sore, cracked nipples, radiating pains, Phytolacca 30c.
  • If too little milk, Dulcamara 30c.

Broken Bones

Also see Fractures

  • Before setting, Arnica 30c.
  • Worse for slightest movement, stitching pains, Bryonia 30c.
  • Only after setting, both Symphytum 6c, one dose nightly
    & Calc Phos 6x, one dose mornings for 7 days.


  • Of soft tissue, Arnica 30c. Arnica cream / ointment, but only on unbroken skin.
  • For deep tissue (e.g. contusion of breasts), Bellis Perennis 30c.


  • For shock, Arnica 30c.
  • If area of injury better cold applications, Cantharis 30c.
  • If area of injury better hot applications, Arsenicum 30c.
  • For deep burns, which are slow to heal, Kali Bich 30c.
  • Urtica Urens cream externally to soothe minor burns.


  • Feverish and fearful, Aconite 30c.
  • With fever and throbbing head, Belladonna 30c.
  • If blisters pus-filled / smelly, Merc Viv 30c.
  • With cough, thirstless, clingy, Pulsatilla 30c.
  • Very itchy rash, extreme restlessness, Rhus tox 30c.
  • Rash slow to emerge, with cough, Ant tart 30c.
  • Use Calendula Cream / Ointment or Talc externally, but wait until rash emerges fully.


  • Hot, itchy, worse heat, Pulsatilla 30c.
  • Dark red inflammation, worse cold, damp, Rhus tox 30c.
  • Worse on the feet, worse for cold, Agaricus 30c;
  • Tamus cream / ointment externally
  • Calendula cream/ointment externally, if they break.

Common Colds

Cold Sores


  • Better bending forwards, Belladonna 30c.
  • With fever and cramps, Nux Vom 30c.
  • Better lying still with knees up, Bryonia 30c.
  • For pain relief, Mag Phos 30c.
  • If complaint comes on after humiliation, Staphisagria 30c.


  • Great dryness / thirst, sometimes with headache, Bryonia 30c.
  • With ineffectual urging, unfinished sensation, Nux Vom 30c.
  • During pregnancy, Nux Vom 30c.
  • With “shy” stool that slips back, Silica 30c.
  • Hard, knotty stool, Lycopodium 30c.
  • Stools like sheep dung (small balls), Natrum Mur 30c.
  • If sensation of a lump, not better after stool, Sepia 30c.
  • Large dry stool, with painful straining, Sulphur 30c.


  • After exposure to dry, cold wind, Aconite 30c.
  • Dry cough with chest pain and headache, Bryonia 30c.
  • Dry at night, loose in the morning, Pulsatilla 30c.
  • Loud, rattling, (whooping) cough with vomiting, Ant tart 30c.
  • With blue face, vomiting mucus, Drosera 30C.
  • With nosebleeds, Drosera 30C or Ipecac 30c.
  • With hoarse / sore throat, Hepar Sulph 30c.
  • With blueness, stiffness, nausea, vomiting, Ipecac 30c.
  • With ropy, sticky expectoration in the morning, Kali Bich 30c.


  • First choice, reduces accompanying fear, Aconite 30c.
  • Attacks in the early hours, Hepar Sulph 30c.
  • On waking, with lump sensation, Lachesis 30c.
  • If Aconite fails, attack is around midnight, Spongia 30c.


See Wounds


  • Burning when urinating, Apis 30c.
  • Cutting / burning before, during or after urination, Cantharis 30c.
  • Burning during / after urination, worse if lying, Pulsatilla 30c.
  • After sexual intercourse, Staphisagria 30c.

Dental Treatment

  • Before if fearful, Aconite 30c.
  • Before fillings or extractions, Arnica 30c.
  • Bleeding gums, after, Arnica 30c.
  • To treat after effects of, Arnica 30c.
  • Shooting nerve pain after, Hypericum 30c.
  • Flu or cold symptoms after mercury fillings, Merc Viv 30c.
  • For sore, cut gums, Calendula 30c or Staphisagria 30c.


  • With vomiting, caused by food poisoning, Arsenicum 30c.
  • Like chopped spinach, with teething, Chamomilla 30c.
  • With anticipatory anxiety, Gelsemium 30c.
  • With anticipatory anxiety, Arg Nit 30c.
  • For exhaustion after, China 30c.
  • Only on waking, Sulphur 30c.


  • From cold, severe pain, restlessness, fear, Aconite 30c.
  • Stinging pain, worse swallowing, Apis 30c.
  • Throbbing pain, with high temperature, Belladonna 30c.
  • Unbearable pain, worse windy weather, Chamomilla 30c.
  • After swimming, Chamomilla 30c.
  • With smelly blood-streaked discharge, Merc Viv 30c.
  • Itching inside ear, increased swallowing, Nux Vom 30c.
  • Ear red externally, Pulsatilla 30c.
  • After measles, Pulsatilla 30c.
  • Throbbing pain in slow teethers, Calc Carb 30c.
  • Stitching pain, smelly discharge, Hepar Sulph 30c.
  • Stitching pain, worse left, Kali Bich 30c.
  • With sore throat, worse left side, Lachesis 30c.
  • Spasmodic, shooting pain, Mag Phos 30c.
  • If blocked with hard wax, Silica 30c.
  • With painful noises in the ear, Sulphur 30c.

Examination Nerves

Also see Anxiety

  • With diarrhoea / trembling / paralysis, Gelsemium 30c.
  • With diarrhoea / hurried feeling, Arg Nit 30c, better once exams.


  • Following physical over-exertion, Arnica 30c.
  • If after dehydration, China 30c.
  • If nervous exhaustion, Kali Phos 6x.

Eye Inflammation

  • Upper and lower lids red and puffy, tears hot, Apis 30c.
  • Thick, yellow smelly discharge, with a cold, Pulsatilla 30c.
  • With watering, caused by a blocked tear duct, Silica 30c.
  • Eyes red, smelly yellow discharge, Arg Nit 30c.
  • Bathe in diluted tincture of Euphrasia or Hypercal.

Eye Injuries

Also see Eye Inflammation

  • Fear after, Aconite 30c.
  • Bruising and / or shock, Arnica 30c.
  • Black eye, Ledum 30c.
  • If Arnica fails and injury is to eyeball itself, Symphytum 30c.
  • If with feelings of anger, Staphisagria 30c.

Eye Strain

  • With weak vision, pains aching or burning, Ruta 30c.

Food Poisoning


Also see Common Cold & Gastric Flu

  • Burning fever with chills, restless, Arsenicum 30c.
  • Feverish and irritable, lies very still, Bryonia 30c.
  • Total physical prostration with shivering, Gelsemium 30c.
  • Pains in bones, joints, chilliness, Nux Vom 30c.
  • Aching, with restlessness, red-tipped tongue, Rhus tox 30c.
  • Pains in bones, back, legs, Ipecac 30c.
  • Bone pains, great thirst, Eupatorium Per 30c.


Also see Broken Bones

Gastric Flu

Also see Common Cold & Flu

  • Restless, feverish and / or chilled, diarrhoea, Arsenicum 30c.
  • Mouth tastes bitter, Bryonia 30c.
  • With chilliness and irritability, Nux Vom 30c.
  • Constant nausea, not better for vomiting, Ipecac 30c.
  • With thirst before vomiting, Eupatorium Per 30c.


  • Caused by pregnancy, Nux Vom 30c.
  • If large, bleeding, Hamamelis 30c.
  • If large, Kali Carb 30c.
  • With burning, especially after stool, Nit Ac 30c.


  • Caused by cigarette smoke, Ignatia 30c.
  • Indigestion after too much beer, Kali Bich 30c.
  • With sick headache and /or nausea, Nux Vom 30c.


Head Injuries

  • Give immediately, Arnica 30c.
  • If never been well since, Natrum Sulph 30c.


  • With fever, Apis 30c.
  • With burning, itching, stinging, Rhus tox 30c.

Injuries To

Injuries With


  • Before, reduces local reaction, Hypericum 30c, Ledum 30c.
  • To treat the puncture wound, Ledum 30c.
  • Shooting pains after, Hypericum 30c.

Jet Lag


Also see Eye Inflammation

  • Sudden on-set with burning, itchy rash, Aconite 30c.
  • With eye inflammation, Apis 30c or Pulsatilla 30c.
  • Bright red rash with hot dry skin, Belladonna 30c.
  • Slow onset, with headache or dry cough, Bryonia 30c.
  • Face dark red, back of head aches, drowsy, Gelsemium 30c.
  • Earache after measles, Pulsatilla 30c.
  • With purulent discharge from eyes and / or ears, Kali Bich 30c.
  • Purple rash, slow to emerge, Sulphur 30c.
  • Burning tears, photophobia, Euphrasia 30c. or bathe in diluted tincture.

Menstrual Problems

  • Late / scanty after a fright or becoming chilled, Aconite 30c.
  • Hot, heavy blood loss, Belladonna 30c.
  • Period late after getting feet wet, Pulsatilla 30c.
  • Nausea and faintness with period pains, Nux Vom 30c.
  • Constant nausea before and during period, Ipecac 30c.
  • Pains worse before period starts, Lachesis 30c.
  • Cramping pains, Mag Phos 30c.
  • Headaches before / during period, Natrum Mur 30c.
  • Bearing down pains, Sepia 30c.

Mouth Ulcers

  • Caused by burn from hot food, Cantharis 30c.
  • Painful, increased saliva, offensive breath, Merc Viv. 30c.
  • If on the tongue, Nit Ac 30c.


  • With fever, restlessness and anxiety, Aconite 30c.
  • With high fever, painful hot parotids, Belladonna 30c.
  • Hard, enlarged glands, worse on right, Merc Viv 30c.
  • If breasts, ovaries or testicles are affected, Pulsatilla 30c.
  • Swollen parotids, worse on left, Rhus tox 30c.
  • Better for heat, worse for cold, Silica 30c.
  • If breasts, ovaries or testicles are affected, Carbo veg 30c.
  • Face red and swollen, worse left, Lachesis 30c.
  • Moving from right to left, Lycopodium 30c.


Labour Pains

Most homœopathic pharmacies will supply you with a childbirth kit full of useful remedies for before, during and after labour.

Post-Natal Care

If baby is breast-fed mother may take the remedy, if not hold pill inside baby’s lower lip until it takes effect.


  • Shock, after fast violent birth, Aconite 30c.
  • Retention of urine, Aconite 30c.
  • Blocked tear duct, Silica 30c.
  • In cases of apparent asphyxia, Laurocerasus 30c, Ant tart 30c. or Carbo veg 30c.


  • In all cases, for exhaustion / after-effects, Arnica 30c. repeated.
  • Disturbed sleep / after-effects of medication, Chamomilla 30c.
  • Shooting pains from damage to perineum, Hypericum 30c.
  • After injuries to coccyx, Hypericum 30c.
  • For cuts, tears or grazes, Calendula 30c or bathe in tincture.
  • Exhaustion after severe blood loss, China 30c.
  • Bright red, hot, profuse bleeding, Ipecac 30c.
  • Bright red flow of blood, Phosphorus 30c.
  • After episiotomies, Staphisagria 30c.
  • After forceps deliveries / Caesareans, Bellis Per 30c.
  • After any deep / internal bruising, Bellis Per 30c.


Also see Burns

  • Better for cold applications, Cantharis 30c.


  • If red, hot, throbbing, (to stop sepsis), Belladonna 30c.
  • With blood-streaked, corrosive pus, Merc Viv 30c.
  • When slow to heal, Silica 30c.
  • Painful with pus, to drain in early stages, Hepar Sulph 30c.


Sore Throats

  • Dry, red, burning, Aconite 30c.
  • Burning, stinging pains with great swelling, Apis 30c.
  • Dry, red, hot with (painful) desire to swallow, Belladonna 30c.
  • Shooting pains to right ear on swallowing, Belladonna 30c.
  • With swollen glands, Belladonna 30c or Silica 30c.
  • Dry throat and mouth, with thirst, Bryonia 30c.
  • Slow onset, flu-like aching and weakness, Gelsemium 30c.
  • With increased salivation and bad breath, Merc Viv 30c.
  • With hair sensation on back of tongue, Silica 30c.
  • With lost voice due to overuse, Arg Nit 30c.
  • Sensation of fish-bone / splinter / crumb, Hepar Sulph 30c.
  • Ulcerated tonsils with stringy discharge, Kali Bich 30c.
  • Pain worse swallowing saliva than solids, Lachesis 30c.
  • Left side first (may move to right), Lachesis 30c.
  • Right side first (may move to left), Lycopodium 30c.
  • Tonsils swollen, worse for hot drinks, Phytolacca 30c.

Sinus Problems

  • Inflammation of frontal sinuses, Merc Viv 30c.
  • Blocked up sensation, worse in a warm room, Pulsatilla 30c.
  • Nose dry, blocked and sore, Silica 30c.
  • Pain in spots, sticky yellow-green mucus, Kali Bich 30c.
  • With headache, worse on right side, Lycopodium 30c.


  • To ease them out, Silica 30c.

Sprains & Strains

  • To reduce swelling, Arnica 30c.
  • If worse for slightest movement, Bryonia 30c.
  • Worse first, yet better continued movement, Rhus tox 30c.
  • Worse lying on affected part, Ruta 30c.

Stiff Neck

  • Caused by draughts, lifting, Rhus Tox 30.
  • If caused by lifting, Calc Carb 30c.

If symptoms persist or there is high temperature consult a qualified homœopath or doctor


See Colic


Also see Eye Inflammation

  • Eye is red, the lid is painful and swollen, Apis 30c.
  • Eye itch, lids sticky, yellow-green discharge, Pulsatilla 30c.
  • If pus is present, see Sepsis


  • Skin is dry, hot, red, throbbing, painful, Belladonna 30c.
  • If severe, take as soon as possible, Cantharis 30c.


  • With fever and / or headache, Belladonna 30c.
  • If symptoms much worse for movement, Bryonia 30c.
  • With faintness and headache better for pressure, Glonoin 30c.

Surgical Operation

  • In preparation for, Arnica 30c.
  • To counter the after-effects of, Arnica 30c.
  • For surgical wounds with nerve pain, Hypericum 30c.
  • After amputations, Hypericum 30c.
  • For surgical wounds, Calendula 30c or Staphisagria 30c.
  • After catheters, enemas, Staphisagria 30c.
  • For bad reaction to anaesthetic, Phosphorus 30c.
  • For painful trapped wind after surgery, China 30c.
  • If deep tissue is affected, Bellis Per 30c.

Teething Problems

  • Red, hot cheeks, with restlessness, Aconite 30c.
  • Red, hot swollen cheeks, Belladonna 30c.
  • Red, hot cheek or cheeks, bad-tempered, Chamomilla 30c.
  • With green stool, Chamomilla 30c.
  • Better cold drinks, fresh air, Pulsatilla 30c.
  • If teething is slow, Silica 30c.
  • If teething is slow or delayed, Calc Carb 30c.
  • If better external heat, Mag Phos 30c.

Travel Sickness

  • Better for vomiting, but finds it difficult, Nux Vom 30c.
  • Worse for fresh air, better lying down, Cocculus 30c.
  • With heavy head, worse for fresh air, Petroleum 30c.
  • Better for fresh air, Tabacum 30c.


  • With diarrhoea, Arsenicum 30c.
  • Caused by over- indulgence, Nux Vom 30c.
  • In breast or bottle-fed babies, Silica 30c.
  • With retching cough, Ant tart 30c (see COUGHS).
  • After, for exhaustion caused by dehydration, China 30c.
  • With cough, vomiting mucus, Drosera 30C (see COUGHS).
  • Worse for coughing, Ipecac 30c (see COUGHS).
  • With constant nausea, not relieved by vomiting, Ipecac 30c.
  • If approximately 15 minutes after cold drink, Phosphorus 30c.


  • With shooting nerve pain, Hypericum 30c.
  • Deep ligament / tendon injuries, possible tearing, Ruta 30c.


  • Cuts, grazes, sores, Calendula 30c.
  • Incised, clean cuts, Hypericum 30c.
  • Lacerations, Hypericum 30c.
  • For surgical wounds, Staphisagria 30c.

Please Note: Professional homeopaths do not generally prescribe remedies to treat symptoms individually, as the symptoms are considered to be only the outward sign that your vital force is struggling to overcome disease. Instead a remedy is prescribed for the whole person. Accurate prescribing is essential to the success of homeopathy.
The content provided within is for educational purposes only and should not be used to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of the remedies listed. Always consult with your doctor or medical professional with any questions you have regarding health concerns.